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Hi , This is Dewan Hafiz Nabil,

I optimize things with sustainable solutions that change lives.

I was born and raised in Shamshernagar, Sylhet, Bangladesh. In 2018, I began studying Industrial Engineering (IE) at Khulna University of Engineering and Technology (KUET). Throughout my four and a half years at KUET, I immersed myself in various real-life projects, refining my expertise in IE, particularly in supply chain and operations management.

Additionally, I have authored and published two research articles in reputed journals, focusing on supply chain-related topics, further solidifying my commitment to advancing knowledge in this field.

Alongside my academic pursuits, I actively contributed to campus life by volunteering as a campus ambassador for "Bohubrihi- E-learning" and "Scholarship School BD. Moreover, I participated in the β€œAspire Leadership Program”, which greatly fostered my leadership skills, and actively engaged in numerous university clubs, enhancing my holistic growth and involvement in the university community.

As I step into 2024, I am eagerly seeking new avenues for growth, including opportunities for funded master's or PhD positions, where I can contribute to research, expand my network, and further develop my practical skills..

**Research Interest** : Optimization, Operations Research, Green and Sustainable Supply Chains, Smart Manufacturing, Healthcare Systems Engineering, Big Data Analytics.

Specialties/Skills: Six Sigma, Data Analysis (Using POWER BI, EXCEL, TABLEAU), Work Instructions, Supply Chain Management, Statistical Analysis(Using SPSS).


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