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I am an Assistant Officer at Akij Pipes Ltd, where I coordinate with Supply Chain, Production, Warehouses, Distribution, and Marketing department to ensure smooth product flow. I have also served as the event coordinator for several workshops, seminars, and competitions for IEM Robotics and CAD Club and Bohubrihi. I am the co-founder of Gadget Mamu, a gadget store that sells a variety of gadgets, whether you want something fashion forward, timeless, or just for regular use.



Akij Pipes Ltd.

Assistant Officer - Production Planning

“With a view to providing effective solutions for essential needs of daily life: safe distribution of drinking water; sustainable management of rainwater and waste water, Akij Pipes has started its’ business in Bangladesh.”

Visit Website : https://www.akijpipes.com/about_us

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Lean Tools Implementation at Akij Pipes Factory



Gadget MaMu


“At Gadget Mamu our goal is to Provide you Authentic Gadgets . We Sell Earphones, SmartWatch, Bluetooth Speaker And all types of Smart gadgets for everyday life. Whether you want something fashion forward, timeless, or just for regular use, Gadget MaMu has your answer ”

Visit Website : https://www.gadgetmamu.tech/



IEM Robotics and CAD Club,KUET

“IRCC is a Robotics & CAD learning club run by the students of Department of Industrial Engineering and Management ,KUET.”


Assistant Publicity Secretary

Executive Committee Member



KUET Career Club

“Let Passion Drive Your Profession”

Executive Committee Member

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